Microsoft bought the whole wind power station General Electric Tullahennel 15 years

Microsoft today announced the conclusion of a 15-year agreement with General Electric (GE) for the supply of electricity from renewable sources.

Under the agreement, Microsoft for a dozen years to buy all the electricity produced by the new 37-megawatt wind farm Tullahennel of General Electric company located in Ireland. The energy will be used to support the operation of data centers.

But the simple sale of electricity cooperation between the two giants will not do. The process will also include research on storage technologies electricity. Each turbine of the power plant will have a built-in battery. The company will explore the question of how this design can be used to store excess energy and transporting it to the network. This will ensure a more stable power output and smooth out the peaks and sags, due to changes in the weather.

Note also that Ireland is the main location of the Microsoft datacenters in Northern Europe. Last year, the company received permission to build four more data centers in the country.



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