Microsoft and other major manufacturers have already released an update that eliminates a security vulnerability in WPA2

Dangerous vulnerability found in WPA2 Protocol, not so terrible, as the descriptions published by researchers who first discovered it. As we already informed, from the outset, the organization Wi-Fi Alliance assured that the vulnerability can be fixed programmatically. The speed at which will be updated ON a device that supports WPA2, depending on the quickness of the manufacturer and user. As to the wider publication of the researchers provided information about the vulnerability of producers at the moment «patches» for their products already released or about to release to Apple (only in the beta versions of iOS, watch OS, macOS, tvOS, intended for developers), Arch Linux, Aruba, Cisco, DD-WRT, Debian/Ubuntu, Fortinet, Google (in security update that will be available November 6), Intel, Linux, Microsoft (automatic updates, released October 10), MikroTik, Netgear (devices WAC120, WAC505/WAC510, WAC720/730, WN604, WNAP210v2, WNAP320, WNDAP350, WNDAP620, WNDAP660, WND930), OpenBSD (even in July) and Ubiquiti. Many other companies have confirmed that the learning situation or plan to release, but did not give the date of his release.

As subsidiary measures that help to reduce the risk of hacking can be called using https to access websites and restricting the use of public Wi-Fi networks (if this cannot be avoided, then connect via VPN). When you have a choice between Wi-Fi and Ethernet, select wired connection.


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