Microsoft and General Electric will improve the efficiency of wind power plants

Microsoft and General Electric announced the signing of the agreement, which is due to the fact that the first will use the energy renewable sources.

If to speak in more detail, the Irish wind farm Tullahennel, which is owned by General Electric, for the next 15 years to supply the electricity company Microsoft. The Redmond company will use part of this energy for its data center located in Ireland. The power station Tullahennel is 37 MW.

The two companies also will try to increase the efficiency of wind power plants. Each turbine will be equipped with a battery pack that would accumulate the excess energy and give her with a substantial reduction in the wind speed.

The study should help the new elektrostacija to work steadily, almost not paying attention to the weather changes.

Microsoft noted that it now receives about 600 MW of energy from renewable sources.



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