Microsoft adds Windows 10 support technologies for tracking gaze of the user

The next build of Windows 10 (Build 16257) brings to the operating system support technology tracking Eye gaze of the user Control.

Of course, appropriate device of the company Tobii, but the availability of support directly from the OS should make life easier for developers and to expand the capabilities of such solutions.

For example, Microsoft is working on a special predictive typing. It will be enough to literally look at the first and last letters in the desired word, and also «the letters between them,» and the system will offer to add it.

In addition, the new build for the first time in 20 years, Microsoft has revised the colors in the console OS. Even with the release of Creators Update in the console added support for 24-bit RGB space, and now the company has started to implement these features in practice.

The rest can celebrate the addition of 3D objects in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, updating the browser design Edge and some other innovations.



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