Microsoft acquired interactive service Beam

Microsoft this week announced the acquisition of Beam and the same-name service which should compete with popular with players platform Twitch.

One of the features of the Beam is a slight delay (200 MS) between what the author of the broadcast in the game, and what I see observers. But it’s not the most important, the observers also can choose weapons, change the game environment to create a new streamer and new challenges. In fact, the spectators are also participants of the gameplay.

The Beam was designed to work with any game. After buying the service, Microsoft has promised to develop the service on different platforms. Developers Beam team Xbox, they continued to lead Executive Director Matt Salsamendi (Matt Salsamendi). He said that for existing users, the Beam will not change anything, however, the protection Microsoft will allow developers to develop services faster, offering users a new interactive scenarios.

The purchase price is not disclosed.



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