Micron plans for this year include the release of GDDR6 memory and 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND

The company Micron during a recent conference with analysts shared their plans for 2017. In particular, the manufacturer intends to increase production of 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND second generation to begin production of DRAM according to the norms 1Y nm to provide a memory GDDR6 and finished products on the basis of memory 3D Xpoint.

The aforementioned 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND, trial samples of which are already available, provides a significant increase in the volume per plate (more than 80%) while reducing cost per bit by 30%. It will be produced with a density of 256 and 512 GB. The size of the crystal in the first case is 59 mm2. This is a record for such a small chip density. Small dimensions make it especially attractive for mobile devices.

Developing 3D NAND memory, Toshiba plans to further increase the density corresponding to the increase in the number of layers up to 96. In addition, the planned release of QLC NAND memory.

In the DRAM segment is planned to increase production according to the norms of 1x nm (16 nm), including production of GDDR5 memory. At the same time there is a development process, designed for standards 1Y 1Z and nm. Memory GDDR6 will be presented at the end of this year or early next.

Source: CDR info



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