Microcontrollers Renesas RZ/G1C optimized for human-computer interaction, Linux

The company Renesas Electronics has added to family of microcontrollers RZ/G new range of RZ/G1C. According to the manufacturer, microcontrollers Renesas RZ/G1C optimized for use in systems for human-machine interaction that are running Linux. They support 3D graphics and HD video.

In the areas of application of the Renesas RZ/G1С named appliances with touch screens and industrial equipment with computer vision and pattern recognition.

The basis of RZ/G1C is the core ARM Cortex-A7. The presence of multiple interfaces, including USB and Gigabit Ethernet, as well as full compatibility between the level models conclusions provide flexibility in the design and production. In the configuration of the microcontroller includes the graphics core PowerVR SGX531 and the video codec H. 264. In addition, the manufacturer notes the presence of one analog and two digital inputs for connecting cameras.

Study samples RZ/G1C is already available. The lineup includes single-core and dual-core models. Serial production should start in December.

Source: Renesas



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