Microcontrollers Microchip PIC32MX1/2 XLP different from its predecessors greater performance and less power consumption

Company Microchip Technology announced the release of 32-bit microcontrollers PIC32MX1/2 XLP. According to the manufacturer, the new microcontrollers are different from its predecessors greater performance and less power consumption. Due to this, they allow you to extend the functionality and increase the battery life of electronic devices. As stated, it requires only minimal code modification.

Wearable electronic devices, nodes, networks of sensors and other devices that use the new microcontrollers, 90-99% of the time are in sleep mode. XLP technology allowed to reduce current consumption in Deep Sleep mode to on 673. The average current consumption of PIC32MX1/2 XLP, less than half that of PIC32MX1/2 and productivity on 40% above.

In the family of PIC32MX1/2 XLP includes models equipped with 128 and 256 KB flash memory, 32 and 64 KB of RAM. They are available in packages with pin count from 28 to 44. In equipping microcontrollers manufacturer selects 10-bit, 13-channel ADC performing 1 million transformations per second, I2S, and other interfaces. A distinctive feature of XLP is PIC32MX2 USB support.

Source: Microchip



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