Microchip is a new generation of eight-bit microcontrollers tinyAVR with independent peripherals

Company Microchip Technology announced the release of four models of eight-bit microcontrollers tinyAVR with independent peripheral blocks that opened a new generation of these products.

Depending on the model, the microcontrollers ATtiny817, ATtiny816, ATtiny814 and ATtiny417 equipped with 4 or 8 KB flash memory. Also the equipment includes a subsystem interaction of peripheral blocks without participation of the CPU, blocks of programmable logic, the oscillator frequency is 20 MHz, and the USART interface and 10-bit ADC internal voltage reference. The advantages of the new microcontrollers include the ability to self-update the firmware and work with supply voltage of 1.8 to 5.5 V. In standby mode, the current consumption does not exceed 100.

The new microcontrollers are already mass-produced in packages of type QFN and SOIC packages.

Source: Microchip Technology



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