Microblading: procedure and care for eyebrows

Trends in the world of make-up changed quite often, but this is not for eyebrows. Now the trend is quite wide, bushy eyebrows the right shape. Of course, the girls with good natural abilities only a little to correct them. But if you don’t belong to one of them, consider to do a procedure called microblading. Next, we consider all of its features.

What is microblading?

For a long time girls have been doing permanent makeup eyebrows, which later was quite noticeable. Now there is a new, unique technology called microblading. Unlike the previous version, it allows you to draw very fine hairs that are nearly impossible to distinguish from natural. This is done with a special apparatus that looks very similar to the handle with a thin blade on the end. In addition, the device does not vibrate, which gives maximum clarity.

Most girls opt for this procedure to adjust the shape and color of eyebrows. It really is the right decision, thanks to which a long time will not need to visit the wizard for additional correction.

Also microblading allows you to adjust the expressed asymmetry and to fill the space with a small number of hairs. Even small scars or scars a good master will help to hide by using this procedure. Agree, this is really cool.

The result eyebrows look very natural and as natural as possible. All empty space is filled, and the hairs will be the most appropriate position and direction. So after the procedure for a long time you won’t need a pencil or shadow to be highlighted.

The advantages include the durability of the result. And that over time, the pigment does not change color, but gradually loses its intensity. In this case, it is possible to make a correction, to bring any effect.

Microblading: the steps in the procedure

A good master always starts with a conversation. This is a very important step because you need to accurately explain their wishes or photos. Then you draw with a pencil the appropriate form. It is at this point will look at themselves in the mirror. If all goes well, the wizard removes the excess hairs.

After disinfection always start anesthesia. Unlike tattooing, microblading will not be too painful. But nevertheless, skin sensitivity at all different, so anesthesia is always. Often this is a special anesthetic cream, which is applied to around the eyebrows.

Depending on the desired result, the wizard will offer you options the application technique of pigment. Shadow technique allows you to create a natural, but at the same time, rich shade of eyebrows. This effect is achieved by rendering in combination with shading pigment. Most often this technique is used in the case where the eyebrows are quite rare.

Hair technique is suitable for almost everyone and allows to increase the density and thickness of hairs. Its offer is tailored to the individual characteristics of the brow to fill them with pigment.


The procedure itself takes place in two stages. When you first apply a coat of paint in the form of hairs. The result eyebrows look very bright and have a darker color than you want. In fact it is a temporary effect. After just two days on the eyebrows may appear small scabs, which go very quickly.

In a month definitely need to come to the correction. In this procedure, the master will see how well kept the pigment and fill the space in the necessary places. When you go peel a second time, will be the final result that will last for years.

Recommendations before and after the procedure

Before you go for consultation to a specialist, recommend you take your time to think over what shape and color you want to see your eyebrows. This is very important because after the procedure you will not be able immediately to change something.

Directly on the advice of a good master will ask you lots of questions about what exactly you want to get. That is, the form, color, line bending, etc. If you have a scar, then be sure to ask whether you want to hide it. The only way the wizard will be able to offer you most suitable option.

With regard to limitations, the master always gives individual recommendations. But there are common, which are required to be adhered to. Not less than two days need to stop antibiotics if you take them. Also during this period, you cannot drink alcohol. It is quite effect on the body and even a few days can interfere with the operation.

Next, you should avoid the Solarium. The fact that this procedure ensures that skin becomes less sensitive to the pigment. Also, do not book a treatment during menstruation and for two or three days before this period.

And of course, it is not necessary to adjust the eyebrows before the procedure. It should do the wizard just before microblading.

With regard to care of the eyebrows after the procedure, you need to very clearly follow all the rules. It depends on how long they would stick result. The first day is very important not to wet the eyebrows and not touch them with your hands. Cosmetics to use in this area is contraindicated. Also make sure that in the early days of eyebrows not caught the sun’s rays.

Two days later you can start to use the ointment on the appointment of the master. Most often they recommend to buy «panthenol» or «bepanten». The ointment should be applied twice a day for two to three days. Brown, which can appear on the eyebrows in no event it is impossible to pull out. After two weeks you will see the result, which came to the master.

Microblading: photo before and after

Microblading is a great opportunity to transform your eyebrows and give them the desired shape. Besides, such a procedure can be a long time to forget about their regular coloring and correction. This significantly saves time, especially in the modern pace of life.

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