Michigan intends to allow the movement of unmanned vehicles even without a driver behind the wheel

As you know, last month on the road Pittsburgh left unmanned vehicles Uber, a ride in which trials could be anyone. Of course, it was equipped with the appropriate equipment serial car Volvo XC90, but still it can be called another step towards the emergence of similar cars.

Another important aspect is the fact that driving such cars still sat the driver, even if he was not involved in the control of normal modes. The authorities of Michigan have already decided to allow on public roads Autonomous cars without the requirement of being behind the wheel of the driver.

While this is only a bill, but he could be in the near future. There are a few caveats. First, like a car, before you get on the road, should pass a long test with a total duration of 1.6 million km. second, the bill requires insurance in the amount of $ 10 million, but this is for the manufacturer and not the buyer of the car.

The document also extends the concept of the manufacturer’s Autonomous cars, allowing output to road machines created, for example, by software developers, not the giants. Of course, if the machine meets all the requirements of the segment.

And finally, the bill involves criminal liability for breaking of electronic systems for unmanned vehicles. Minimum — 5 years imprisonment simply for the fact of hacking. For 10 years, will be condemned by those whose illegal actions led to accidents with serious consequences for the health of passengers. If such an accident would prove fatal, and the defendant will receive a higher time — life. Of course, maintenance or repair, as well as changes made by the automaker, under these cases do not fall, if not cause the car any harm.



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