Metamaterials allow to happen in microelectronic devices without semiconductors

Experts at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) created the first microelectronic device, which is not used semiconductor material. Under the influence of low voltage (up to 10V) and radiation low-power infrared laser, the conductivity of the device is increased by 1000%.

The secret of development in the metamaterial, which was formed from gold on the surface of a silicon wafer, which plays the role of a passive substrate.

Researchers see the development of a parallel electron tubes, noting that the new technology does not replace fully solid-state, but will allow to overcome the inherent limitations of the high frequency and large capacity.

The metamaterial created in UCSD, confirmed performance ideas. For practical applications, can be created other similar metamaterials optimized for specific types of microelectronic devices.

Source: UCSD


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