Metals for medals at the Summer Olympic games 2020 will take from recycled electronics

A couple of days ago ended in Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics. The next will be held in Japan in 2020. For this event, the country prepares a variety of technical innovations.

As it became known, one of the ideas the Japanese may affect the competition itself. To be precise, talking about the awards. Allegedly, the organizers expressed the intention to create medals for the winners of redesigned smartphones and other electronics. No, it is not about to take any old smartphone, send it in a press and thus create the medal.

The awards will be, as expected, made of gold, silver and bronze. But the metals, the Japanese may take from recycled mobile phones. For example, in 2014, Japan got 143 kg of gold, 1566 kg of silver and 1112 tonnes of copper from e-waste. To create medals will need less.


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