Metallic decal DuoSkin applied to the body, can be used for input and output of information

The specialists of the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have jointly developed a technology for application to the skin of the elements of thin gold foil. For the application of the same principle as in the well known iron-on transfer pictures.

The researchers see three options for application development. The resulting electrodes can be used to enter information, such as buttons to control electronic devices.

If applied to the electrodes of the thermochromic dye, the «tattoo» will be able to change the color, that is, it can be used to display information.

Finally, if the form of strips of metal coil, it can be used for wireless communication (as the antenna radio frequency tag).

Combining electrodes with other components can create more complex products, such as decoration with led backlight.

According to participants of the project, the electrode operates in all day and do not cause discomfort to users. The strip width of more than 4.5 mm can withstand more than 2000 strains without conduction disorders.

Source: DuoSkin


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