Messenger Google Allo became available for download

At the event Google I/O in 2016, the search giant introduced the messenger Allo. Reason, the company initially deprived Allo video call functions, highlighting it in a separate application Duo.

Anyway, today, Allo became available for download. As always, at the moment, the application is not available to everyone immediately, but you can leave the application in the Google Play Store and receive a notification when a download will be possible. Or you can download it on the vast Network the apk file and install the application manually.

Recall, the messenger stands out with several original features not found in competitors. For example, function Expressions allows you to change the font size of the message and emoticons to best reflect the emotional message, which carries that same message. So now yelling at each other can be in text mode. More in detail about opportunities in the last newsletter.



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