Mercedes-Benz showed adaptive optics, Digital Light, able to draw on the road various signs

Modern cars are developing quite rapidly, if we talk about the different electronics. Of course, with the smartphone market growth is still not to compare, but there are a number of explanations.

Another innovation that will find application in cars of the near future, shown by the company Mercedes-Benz. The development is called Digital Light and is adaptive led headlights of the new generation.

Adaptive optics capable of absorbing part of the elements, so as not to blind drivers or pedestrians, to date, is not surprising. In such a budget car, of course, does not occur, but it is, for example, relatively inexpensive (by the standards of the business class) Mazda 6.

But Digital Light is the next stage in the development of adaptive headlights. Each headlight is over a million managed microthermal. In conjunction with management controllers, they are able to project onto the road the different drawings. For example, the sign of rotation with the distance indication, traffic sign, the car just passed. Moreover, optics is able to «draw» on the road pedestrian crossing or to separately allocate ahead standing car. In fact, the possibilities of Digital Light to better appreciate the video.

The launch of a series promise in the near future. The first carriers of such optics will clearly be a model of S-Class.



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