Men’s hats: current trends 2018

Despite the prevailing belief, men are not alien to fashion trends and they along with the girls trying to fit in. Of particular importance to a man’s wardrobe are the accessories that can give the image a touch of brutality and style.

To choose the right headpiece is not easy as it seems at first glance. In addition to considerations of practicality, you should consider the style, color solutions of the model. In women’s fashion there is much greater variety of caps, but men’s fashion is not far behind, offering creative design solutions.

Features of men’s hats

Cold and frost are not spared even the most avid fashionistas, so for men the hat is first and foremost a necessity, a stylish accessory. A distinctive feature of men’s headdress is its practicality, comfort, and minimal care. They should close the ears, the back of the head, neck, soft, warm and light.

Men’s hats are:

  • moderate colors and simple shades
  • using the minimum of ornamentation and decoration
  • more concise and simplified styles

For men seeking to be always in trend, will not be enough one hat in the closet. They acquire lightweight jewelry for all occasions – a trip in the car, long hikes, cold weather, practical models for outdoor recreation.

Men’s hats: the latest trends of the season

Men are constantly watching fashionable novelties and trends, trying to always look stylish and elegant. The last shows of prestigious fashion houses have defined the main trends of the new winter season:

  • an abundance of knitted patterns, handmade decor
  • model round and elongated, especially popular beanie «beanie»
  • custom fit with a shift of the headdress on one side or on the back of the head This allows you to lift the forehead and visually correct the face shape.
  • decorated with appliqués, embroidery, large print or logo. The cap differs unpretentious style and a restrained color palette.
  • in the trend headdresses from natural fur of various styles

A win-win for men who do not want to constantly change the headpiece depending on outerwear – a classic piece with a fine close-knitted. Black, brown, light model such caps can be easily combined with a leather jacket, parka or coat. It is a versatile and practical solution for every day.

The best models of stylish men’s hats

Hard to say which trend will dominate this winter season is difficult. Equally relevant classical models and eye-catching options with a touch of originality and extravagance.

Eminent designers Gucci, Calvin Klein offer men wear berets, brimmed hats and youth caps, adding to their everyday wardrobe. To wear such headgear should complete with long bright scarves.

Knitted caps: Duo of style and comfort

Styles knitted hats offer maximum simplicity and brevity of the lines. They fit tightly on head, repeating its shape. In addition to the classic men’s colors (black, gray, brown) choose brighter items: raspberry, blue, intense green, turquoise and other models. As a variant, hats and unobtrusive geometrical patterns, logo, textured pattern, or a contrasting print.

Bini caps: youth trend of the season

Hats with volume at the back – a popular choice of young men. They allow to form the lapel of the cap thus to create any desired style and style. Practical and lightweight models Bini fit under any garment and can be decorated with interesting stripes and other details.

Hats with buboes

Popular models of hats with buboes aimed at the youth segment. Bubo gives even the most simple models and hints of enthusiasm.

Hats are a textured pattern in the form of rhombuses or lines of different width. Designers strive to create maximum contrast between the main tone and pattern. Some models intended made with imitation hand-knitted. This makes them stylish, warm and cozy.

Fur pompoms: the trend of the new season

Products with an oversized fur POM-POM no less relevant in the new season. In fashion models with POM-poms large and medium-sized which adorn the headdresses of knitwear and cashmere.

Try to choose models with the natural fur Fox, Fox, raccoon, which can be both natural color and dyed to match the product.

Caps Welt turned: a universal trend of winter

Headwear Welt turned different width are equally stylish on any type of face. Visually they add volume to the head, while tightly cover your ears and neck from wind and frost. Designers placed on the lapel contrast pattern stripe with logo.

Hat hood: youth hit of the season

Among men there are the true fashionistas who strictly follow the guidelines of fashion designers and follow the usual headdresses to more extravagant. Knit hats-the hood can be smooth or made with patterns of braid, zigzag, or stripes.

Despite the volume of products, they protect the head from bad weather and rain. Combine these hats with woolen jackets or BolognaFiere jackets, creating a stylish casual look for every day.

Men’s hats: brutality and chic

Stylish look with a hat definitely does not go unnoticed. The latest trends presented by fashion houses Gucci and Calvin Klein, offer models with a wide and small margins. In the trend of the woolen felt and models, decorated with shiny satin flight. Contrast hat with matte fabrics will perfectly fit in the business style clothing.

Men’s berets: big city style

To put on the head takes ready of every man. This underrated headpiece is trying again to revive the fashion house Chanel, presenting a collection of bright saturated hues. The image with the beret looks more than impressive, especially in the face of rapid urban rhythm.

Men’s fashion is as diverse and multifaceted than the female. Young people tend to keep up with fashion trends and with sensitivity to the choice of accessories for their images. Stylists recommendation regarding caps for men simple – choose a few models, the benefit of their cost is small, and each day create a bold and original versions of the looks with this stylish accessory.

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