Men’s fashion: Spring-Summer 2018

Men today are no less closely follow the fashion than women. After all, well-groomed and stylish appearance is always accompanied by a respectable and confident man. Therefore, the wardrobe of a strong half of mankind are chosen very carefully. What designers offer to replenish your wardrobe a strong and courageous guys in 2018?

Fashion colors

Stylish wants to be every man regardless of age. But at a time when young people are choosing bright hues, Mature men prefer the classics. However, even if we talk about a business suit, one catchy detail in the image will not become redundant but will help refresh the image as a whole. At the same time, if you wear a simple jacket on the bright t-shirt and jeans in the youth style, the look is more formal.

Dark brown color is able to emphasize the status of men. Usually this color choose a serious and purposeful people who always all the cases brought to the end. It goes well with beige. For example, beige pants will look good with a dark brown shirt and the same shoes from suede.


Blue has always been the epitome of balance and prosperity. Shades of blue should choose the leaders and men who occupy a respectable position. Things in these colours, practical and blend well with other colors. In the new season especially popular will be the shirts and blazers office blue.

Especially for the new fashion season, designers have invented a new shade and called it the color of the suede. It is a mixture of mustard, white and graphite. They propose to use in everyday life. The images in the color suede attract with their ease and freedom.




For men who have brown hair and brown eyes are perfect shade, which is called caramel toffee. Designers are advised to combine it with clothing from corduroy and suede accessories.




The graphite color is in fashion for the season. And today he got a second wind, so the designers decided to use it in the most incredible variations. Will look unusual business suits whose color is a mixture of graphite and purple. But choosing clothes in a graphite color, it is important to remember that they need to combine with bright accessories.

Floral and animalistic prints ceased to be exclusively female privilege. Of course, the leopard spots or stripes like a Zebra in the men’s collections you will not see, but in them you can find fantasy drawings of animals and different flower patterns.

Relevant materials

In the new season of these popular wool, tweed, linen and drape will be pushed back skin, velvet and other brutal content.

In recent times, velvet was seen on the catwalk in the 80-ies of the last century. And only now, designers are not just remembered but also made it a real trend of the fashion industry. Therefore, every man who wants to look luxurious, they can choose a velvet suit. He looked bored, it is proposed to do in green, purple, brown, red or Burgundy color.

In the new season, the trend will be comfort and convenience. Such qualities have a knitted texture. Therefore, every man propose to add to your wardrobe with several sweaters or sweatshirts. No less popular are woolen coat, voluminous snudy and cardigans oversize.

Preference should be given to products with large viscous or three-dimensional braids. Replaced the V-shaped neck came high collars.

For several seasons on the catwalks dominated by suede texture. And in 2018 they will not lose their popularity. Many designers have supplemented their collection of suede jackets, coats and bomber jackets, black, brown, gray, plum, lavender and other fashion colors.

Leather, as always popular. Among the actual models of clothes of this material will be cropped jackets, long coats, leather jackets and a coat with a fur collar. The skin may be smooth or rough finishes. The only thing you will not see in any collection is the stuff of patent leather.

A unique innovation of the season can be considered things of reptile skin. Fit this trend is not to every man. However, if you do decide to dress in this outfit, you can be assured that without attention will not remain.

Major trends spring fashion

When choosing clothes, every man seeks to look presentable and manly. This will help clear lines, large parts and coarse texture. Popular in the spring will be blue and gray.

Tight pants has already gained popularity among men. And in 2018 they will be relevant. Particularly advantageous they look together with a cardigan or blazer in stripes or checks. However, choosing clothes with geometric prints, trousers must be plain.

Along with the tight pants in fashion wide models that also look great with the top in stripes or checks. Equally popular are solid color men’s suits.

Along with the classic models of jackets, the designers offer men a model with short sleeve. Looks very stylish options with sleeves¾.

In an informal setting will look stylish leather jacket large details and bright buckles.

On the first plan in the spring will be accessory details, such as a tie, scarf or socks. Their designers are advised to choose bright colours. To demonstrate stylish socks, men recommended to leave a small gap between the edge of the Trouser-legs and shoes.

Keep warm in cool weather will help hats and scarves with large pleats.

Shoes are often called the hallmark of men. Therefore, in order to leave a good impression, it must be of high quality and well-groomed. In 2018, the trend will be shoes made of patent leather. To attract attention will help massive shoes.

Fashion trends for summer

Summer clothes in 2018 should be more bright than a spring. To do this, designers offer a huge selection of different shades.

The highlight of the season will be the white clothes, which will give the image of lightness. Cropped white pants and shirt in the same color add a sense of lightheartedness and perfect for travel. Combine it best with sandals or loafers.

At the peak of popularity will be the color of military.

Summer clothes ought to be free. So most of the summer trousers and shorts in 2018 will be free tailoring. If desired, they can be combined with different accessories.

In the new fashion season will be the actual sporty style. The suit can be with pants and shorts. This variant is more relevant for the hot time of year. Especially popular are extra-long model, made of linen.

In 2018, the designers offer men to experiment with various ornaments. So often in their models, you can see the embroidery and decor with crystals and stones. Offer to decorate not only clothes, but also shoes. In the summer, I suggest wearing light loafers and sneakers.

To follow the fashion for men naturally. After all, with the help of clothes, it can create your own image which will help him to enjoy their appearance and be in harmony with others.

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