Memory modules G. Skill Trident Z is equipped with an adjustable sync RGB backlight

After the recent announcements in the camp of the gaming peripherals company G. Skill is back in a more familiar segment of RAM for the enthusiast. This time, G. Skill has introduced a new series of memory modules, the Trident-Z RGB, which is different from conventional Trident Z the presence of illumination.

The shape of the radiators of the memory modules G. Skill Trident Z RGB remains the same, but at the top is now translucent frosted diffuser, through which the light is output. Illuminated multicolored and supports various effects, for example the smooth movement of colours, which is enabled by default.

It should be noted that additional power for the backlight is not required, and setting colors and effects is held in a special utility, which you can synchronize the lighting of several modules.

Memory modules G. Skill Trident Z RGB desyatiletnij built on printed circuit boards and selected chips of RAM. To worry about the deterioration of the overclocking potential due to the introduction of the backlight is not necessary, as in this series already announced DDR4-4266. All models support profiles Intel XMP 2.0, the first representatives will be available by mid-January.

G. Skill


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