Memory modules Apacer Panther Rage DDR4 increased the frequency to 3 GHz

Series memory modules, Apacer DDR4 Panther received a successor in the form of Panther Rage DDR4. A new line in addition to decorative changes, like adding lights, and make the radiators more «jagged» appearance, boasts increased frequencies and volumes.

Modules Apacer Panther Rage DDR4 based on selected memory chips capable of operating at low voltage (1.2 V) at frequencies of 2400, 2666 and 2800 MHz, the models with a nominal frequency of 3000 MHz regular voltage increased to 1.35 V. the Manufacturer has already done some of the work for the user, moving the optimal values of the frequencies and timings in the Intel XMP profiles 2.0. Timings 16-16-16-36 inherent to the two younger members of the series (2400, 2600 MHz), delay 17-17-17-36 and 16-18-18-36 have two older straps (2800 and 3000 MHz).

Strips of 4 and 8 GB in the updated series Apacer Panther Rage added DDR4 modules with a capacity of 16 GB. Height does not exceed 4 cm, new optimized for Intel chipsets 100-and 200-series. The warranty is valid for three years.



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