Memory GDDR6 will appear on the market in 2018, and the HBM3 is not expected before 2019

The market only managed to get the memory GDDR5X, as the Network has information about GDDR6. At the event, Hot Chips 26, Samsung published some graphs, by which we learned that the memory GDDR6 will appear in 2018.

She will work at frequencies up to 15 GHz. Recall memory GDDR5X now operates at frequencies up to 10 GHz, but the specifications imply the possibility of reaching the value of 12 GHz. Of course, the new memory will also be more energy efficient existing.

In addition, at the event spoke about the HBM the next generation, which for simplicity is referred to as HBM3. According to the same Samsung, this memory will appear only in 2019 or even 2020. Given the fact that even the first generation of HBM is not yet found specific applications in the market, not to mention HBM2, such terms are seen as quite logical.

On the characteristics of the memory, little is known. Samsung says that the density will increase more than doubled, and the number of chips in the stack will increase. Itself, will increase throughput.


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