Members of PCI-SIG got access to the PCIe specification Revision 5.0 0.3

Simultaneously with the publication of PCI Express 4.0 Revision 0.9, the consortium PCI-SIG announced that its members had access to the PCIe specification 5.0 Revision 0.3.

The main advantage of PCIe 5.0 will be doubled compared to the previous version, the maximum data transfer rate. It will reach 32 billion transfers per second (GT/s).

Supporting full-duplex exchange, PCIe 5.0 provides a bandwidth of 128 GB/s will benefit From this, connected via PCIe, specialized accelerators and GPUs. The speed boost is also in demand in connection with the introduction of high-speed connections such as Ethernet 400 GB/s InfiniBand and 200 GB/s.

The standard development must be completed in 2019.

Source: PCI-SIG


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