Mellanox network processor NPS-400 processes packets at a speed of 400 Gbit/s

The company Mellanox Technologies announced the release of software libraries for packet processing (Deep Packet Inspection and Stateful Packet Processing) to the network processor Mellanox NPS-400. Using hardware acceleration present in the NPS-400, it is possible to record speeds of 400 Gbit/s, processing up to 100 million flows with an average packet size of 400 bytes.

Library functions Stateful Packet Processing and Deep Packet Inspection allow the developers to implement processing algorithms, better tailored to the characteristics of network flows. This gives you the opportunity to increase network security and prevent unauthorized access to the resources of the VTS. In addition, they can be used in applications for monitoring and load balancing. Libraries included in the developer kit software for processors NPS-400. Standard licensing conditions provided for receiving a source text.

Source: Mellanox


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