Mellanox have finished the first decision InfiniBand HDR with a bandwidth of 200 GB/s for data centers

The company Mellanox Technologies has announced the release of the first turnkey solutions that allows you to organize connections with a bandwidth of 200 Gbps within the data center. They include adapters Mellanox ConnectX-6, Quantum switches, transceivers and cables LinkX.

Adapters ConnectX-6 is offered in configurations with one and two ports. They supported protocols InfiniBand and Ethernet, are characterized by capacity of 200 million messages per second, a delay of 0.6 µs, support encryption, and technologies of computer networks MPI-Direct RDMA GPU-Direct, SR-IOV and Mellanox Multi-Host.

Quantum switches are InfiniBand ports 40 to 200 Gbps, or up to 80 ports InfiniBand 100 Gbps. Total switching capacity is 16 Gbps and the delay does not exceed 90 NSEC. The switches used in integrated circuit Mellanox Quantum, which, according to the manufacturer, in the future will become the basis for even more efficient solutions in the field of switching, including a modular system, which will have up to 800 ports InfiniBand 200 GB/s and InfiniBand ports 1600 100 GB/s.

Family of cables Mellanox’s LinkX includes models with copper and fiber optic transmission medium having a capacity of 200 Gbps.

The first presenting all of the infrastructure components InfiniBand HDR 200 GB/s, the company Mellanox entrenched in the leading position in this market. According to her, the introduction of InfiniBand HDR 200 Gbit/s allows you to increase the performance and scalability of systems at a lower total cost of ownership. The presented solutions will become available to a wide range of customers in 2017.

Source: Mellanox



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