Meizu X2 is another smartphone manufacturer with an additional screen on the back panel

Recently Meizu has introduced a smartphone Pro 7, which (among other things, of course) is the secondary display on the rear panel — you can use it to control the music player, view notifications etc. However, the flagship Meizu Pro 7 is not the only model with two displays, the company also operates over mobile X2, the images of which appeared in the Network.

Unlike Pro 7 supporting screen X2 round and not rectangular. Judging by the photos, it is smaller in size and simpler in terms of features, but at least show the date and time, and battery charge he was able.

Meizu X2 will replace last year’s model X, which should be considered as a price guide. Judging by the photos, the X2 will not be a dual main camera, but more about the characteristics of the smartphone say nothing.

Source: Playfuldroid!



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