Meizu Mix — the first smart watches to the Chinese manufacturer, which is not quite a smart watch

The company Meizu has finally unveiled its first smart watch. The model is called Mix. However, despite the fact that a smart watch calls its new product the manufacturer, to those it applies all the same it is impossible.

It is impossible, because the device belongs to the same category as, for example, the Withings Activité. That is a classic mechanical clock without the screen but with electronics. By its capabilities the device closer to the simple activity trackers than smart watches. That is able to track simple activity, count calories, steps and so on. Sub-dial shows the achievement for the day.

Also there are led indication and vibration. Battery CR2430 enough for 240 days of work. The clock is made of metal and are not afraid of water. The most accessible version will cost 150 USD and will be powered by a denim strap. The leather will need to pay $ 50, a modification to the metal will cost $ 225.

It should be noted that this announcement in some way preliminary, as Meizu has decided not to risk and to launch a campaign to raise funds for Mix. The goal is to collect $ 75,000 that will clearly not be a problem. In sale the novelty should appear in October or November.



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