Meizu is the first to use SoC Helio P40, which may be OCTA core

Yesterday we published the first information about the new single-chip system MediaTek Helio P40, which must have six processor cores and will be manufactured by TSMC forces with 12-nanometer technological process.

Sources say that MediaTek is trying to show the advantages of the new system on a chip customers already sending out test samples. Moreover, insiders claim that the first company that must use Helio P40 in their devices, will be Meizu.

This is not surprising given long-standing partnership between Meizu and MediaTek. The first smartphone Meizu with SoC Helio P40 will go on sale in the first quarter of 2018.

Finally, the author of this information says that Helio P40 will get not six, but eight processor cores.

, MediaTek


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