MediaTek UltraCast technology streaming 4K video over a wireless connection

MediaTek today unveiled the technology UltraCast. According to the manufacturer, this is the first technology that implements at the level of chipset, streaming 4K video over a wireless connection. Using UltraCast, the user is able to watch on the big screen — for example, the TV — 4K video playback on the smartphone.

In fact, MediaTek UltraCast extends the capabilities embodied in the standard technology Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast. As in the baseline technology, UltraCast in transport is a Wi-Fi connection. In UltraCast uses a proprietary smoothing algorithm of the image, according to the manufacturer, allowing to preserve the quality while decreasing the transmission delay.

Support UltraCast will soon appear in the Helio MediaTek chipsets designed for smartphones, and MediaTek chipsets for televisions 4K Ultra HDTV. The developer is looking to use UltraCast third party.

Source: MediaTek



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