MediaTek has in stock products worth more than $ 1 billion

MediaTek, system on a chip which can be found in many smartphones, has published the report for the fourth quarter of 2016 and the year as a whole.

Quarterly revenue of MediaTek amounted to 2,191 billion. This is 12.4% less than the income received by the company in the third quarter. Gross profit compared to the third quarter decreased from 35.2% to 34.5%. A year ago, gross profit was 38.5%. Operating profit for the accounting period was equal to 127 million dollars. This figure is the total for the quarter decreased by 47.8%. However, compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 following the growth of 6.2%.

The manufacturer notes that he reduced the expenditure on R & d, which now make up 20.4% of income. Interestingly, the cost of sales, in contrast, rose to 5.4% of revenue. Increased organizational costs, which for the quarter is equal to 2.9% of income.

Among the interesting facts contained in the report, can distinguish like this: the company has in stock products worth slightly more than $ 1 billion. This stock corresponds to the turnover for 72 days. In the previous quarter, inventory was at 63 days a year ago — 70 days.

Source: SK Hynix



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