MediaTek announced its plans for the automotive segment

MediaTek today issued a press release regarding its plans for the automotive segment. The market for connected cars continues to grow, and in the near future, it will gradually turn into a market of unmanned vehicles. So MediaTek has decided not to vrement and to declare his purposes concerning this direction.

The first product that is specified in the document is the processor for driver assistance systems (ADAS). MediaTek is developing a special computational module Vision Processing Unit, which is responsible for processing data from multiple cameras, sensors, radar and other devices.

Another product — Precision Millimeter Wave Radar (high frequency radar). According to the company, this decision will allow more accurate recognition of objects. In addition, it is less sensitive to various weather phenomena such as fog, rain and so on.

Also MediaTek will be engaged in solutions for processing data in 2D and 3D and telematics. The company believes that offering products in four key areas, will be able to solve the problem of fragmentation, which is characteristic of modern automotive electronics.



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