Mechanical keyboard Asus ROG ROG Claymore and Claymore Core intended for game lovers

ASUS has introduced a gaming mechanical keyboard and ROG ROG Claymore Claymore Core. According to the manufacturer, the model ROG Claymore became the world’s first mechanical keyboard for gamers equipped with full color backlit led lighting and detachable numeric keypad. Compact keyboard ROG Claymore Core does not have a digital unit.

In newer keyboards use switches Cherry MX RGB LED with a resource of 50 million keystrokes. All keys are programmable. Common features of ROG and ROG Claymore Claymore Core also includes support for exclusive sync technology the led backlight between multiple devices Asus Aura RGB Sync. Being connected to a PC-compatible motherboards Asus new keyboard allow you to control the fan speed of the system unit using hot keys.

To the computer keyboard connected by USB 2.0. Polling frequency is 1000 Hz, cable length — 1.8 m. keyboard Housing made of aluminum alloy and is decorated with a pattern in style of the Maya. The presence of built-in memory allows in addition to the pre-installed profile save up to five user configured utility with the ROG Armoury.

The dimensions of the model Asus ROG Claymore is 450 x 145 x 45 mm, model ROG Claymore Core 360 x 145 x 45 mm Weight without cable equal to 943 g and 770 g, respectively.

Source: Asus



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