McLaren really discussed with Apple the possibility of cooperation

At the end of September, the Financial Times reported that Apple was thinking about the acquisition of the company McLaren Automotive or, at least, investing in British manufacturer of supercars. The New York Times and Bloomberg, citing their own informants were more inclined to strategic investment than to buy.

After a couple of months in an interview with Reuters, the Executive Director of McLaren Automotive Mike Flewitt (Mike Flewitt) confirmed that McLaren had indeed discussed with Apple the possibility of cooperation, but until specific proposals, it never came.

«Apple has not made to us, — said Mike Flewitt. — They came, we talked. They talked about the fact that we have created. We talked about their products. But the conversations never reached its final stage».

Perhaps Apple stopped negotiations, because the company does not intend to make their car their own. According to recent data, the team is developing a car Apple is now focused on developing technology for self-driving cars.

In the past year, McLaren has released a total of 1,654 cars, but some exceed $ 1 million.



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