Maxim hSensor platform with support for ARM mbed is designed to develop wearable electronic devices

Focusing on the needs of developers of wearable electronic devices to monitor the physical activity of the user, the company Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the platform hSensor (catalogue number — MAXREFDES100#).

Miniature Board hSensor is a single-channel analog interface to digitize biopotential MAX30003, the sensor heart rate and level of blood oxygen saturation MAX30101, temperature sensor MAX30205, microcontroller, low power MAX32620 on the kernel ARM Cortex-M4F and a power controller MAX14720. In addition, the equipment hSensor includes inertial sensors, barometric sensor, flash memory and Bluetooth interface LE. In addition to the cost of the prototype, part of the platform debug Board, drivers, graphical user interface and firmware available in source code.

According to Maxim, the platform hSensor perfect for creating wearable vital signs monitors, smart scales, means of biometric authentication and other similar devices. According to the calculations of the manufacturer, starting the design with the use of hSensor, you can save from three to six months, which eliminates the stage of development hardware prototype and embedded software for it.

Price MAXREFDES100# — $150. Sales have already begun.

Source: Maxim Integrated Products


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