Matrix PowerWatch — activity tracker, which will never have to charge

Smart watches have, by and large, two problems: they simply are not needed for most users, and they have to be charged every day or every other day.

With activity trackers, the situation is better. They are offline for longer and better targets on the market. But they still have to charge.
Matrix PowerWatch — the world’s first activity tracker, which charge is not necessary. At all. At least, in the usual way. PowerWatch will charge itself. And, most interestingly, it will be charged at the time when the user do sports (but not only).

The fact that the PowerWatch uses the technology of conversion of body heat into electrical energy. The resulting energy charges the battery with a capacity of 200 mAh, which powers the device.

The developers claim that the creation of such a tracker was only possible thanks to the emergence of a very energy-efficient microprocessor Q. Ambi But its capabilities are very limited, so to create on the basis of this decision the smart watch will not work. On the other hand, it is unclear what display is used in watches as it is often the most demanding power element. But thanks to Ambi Q a fully charged tracker can work offline for up to two years.

As for abilities PowerWatch, they are very simple. The tracker is able to consider distance, calories and monitor sleep. Also have a couple of applications in a stopwatch and timer. However, it is worth noting that the number of calories expended this product should be considered much more correct than the other, since count data is used with the thermoelectric Converter. Of the remainder, it can be noted metal housing and protection from water.

At the moment, the developers have launched a campaign to raise funds for their offspring. They need $ 100,000 and they clearly receive, as after just a few hours the project has raised more than $ 60,000. The campaign to buy a tracker for $100-$130. After the release of the device in the sale it will cost $160. This will only happen through the year.


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