Maternity clothes: fashion trends for future moms

Pregnancy is not a reason to deny yourself in stylish clothes. In this special women’s time so want to look fashionable and not to forget their beauty. You can easily rebuild your favorite style of clothing chosen before pregnancy, and these 9 months still look feminine and attractive.

One of the requirements that apply to clothing for pregnant women – convenience, comfort when worn, naturalness used for sewing fabrics. Pregnant fashionistas are numerous bows for daily life, trips, special events, office work, etc.

Fashion modern maternity clothing has thought about every detail and created these styles, which take into account all changes in the female body for 9 months. The main objective of stylish clothes for moms-to-be – a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience and fashionable styles.

Choosing clothes for pregnant women, give preference to natural materials. After all, clothes are directly in contact with the skin and should not harm the body.

Fashion maternity: Stylish and comfortable images

Dress is the best choice for expectant mothers. The style is based on the intentions of women to emphasize the tummy or, on the contrary to hide it from prying eyes.

Loose dress or tight knitted model looks incredibly feminine. This image is perfect for everyday outfits – fresh air walks or trips to the store.

Pay special attention to the style of clothing, avoid shapeless and oversized things that look baggy on pregnant. Some moms, trying to hide the belly, buy clothes several sizes larger, a kind of oversize for pregnant women. Shouldn’t do, such images are visually spoil the shape and hide body proportions.

Fitted dress patterns complemented with light capes, jackets, beautiful coats with short sleeves or even without them. This way you can easily use and after pregnancy, adding to its accessory in the form of a wide belt.

Business image for pregnant women

Real business women don’t change their style even during pregnancy. It is important for them to always look stylish and to conform to the business dress code.


The main elements of the office Luke for pregnant women are dresses of various styles, simple, classic pants with belt to fix the stomach, blouses and shirts of free cut.

Everyday images for pregnant

Most expectant mothers try to spend the time waiting for baby in peace and comfort. So on the second plan leaves work, parties, walks with friends, long drives.

As much as possible pregnant women are trying to pursue a home in the pleasant chores in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

This «nesting» effect on the clothing style of pregnant women, which is slightly different from the usual trendy looks that are popular before pregnancy.

The everyday wardrobe of the expectant mother is made of comfortable loose jeans, comfortable shoes with a low heel or without it, hoodies, sweatshirts, stylish blouses with a variety of decor. Let us dwell on each element of the image.

Jeans for expectant mothers

Denim pants are a versatile thing, which is present in every girl’s wardrobe. The thing in numerous styles and colours (in addition to the classic blue in trend are black, white, turquoise, pastel shades).

For pregnant women best suited loose jeans-boyfriendy, model low waist or oversized. These styles differ a free cut, not tight figure, does not restrict movement.

Of course, the jeans should be provided with special knitted elastic band that securely hugs the stomach and compresses it.

If you are discriminated against for denim during your pregnancy, pay attention to the classic pants and culottes, made from natural materials.

Blouses, t-shirts, cardigans for pregnant women

T-shirts, tunics and blouses is never too much, especially maternity wardrobe. Free lightweight top is perfect hides a rounded tummy. The optimal choice for moms-to-be – tops in the form of a trapezoid, with a flared hem and tapered shoulders.

Tunics – the height of practicality and convenience for expectant mothers. The blend of patterns and pastel colours with leggings is one of the best casual looks.

Best to hide tummy will help tunic decorated with floral and animal prints. It emphasizes attention to the picture and visually drape a rounded shape.

Such clothing styles as the oversized, boho enable you to create a variety of fashionable combinations. Free forms directions oversize beneficial to hide the belly, and layered outfits in boho style will make your look stylish and feminine.

If the pregnancy came at a cool time of year, then expectant mothers will not have problems. Stylish cardigans of various styles and lengths to fit perfectly. Models for pregnant women are more free forms. For sewing elongated capes use of lightweight breathable materials.

In favor of cardigans and says many combination you can create with this handy piece of clothing. Over jeans, trousers, blouses and dresses, he looks most attractive.

Rompers for expectant mothers

When pregnant, the question arises – what to choose to create a feminine, cute and, most importantly, comfortable, the way, the first thing that comes to mind is the suit.

Just look how simply fit this article of clothing in the images of stylish pregnant women.

Overalls can be made of denim or other natural fabric that easily stretches and does not restrict movement. In the summer you can choose a suit with short trousers.

Delicate blouses to complete the look and give it a hint of romance. A more casual image will allow you to create a combination of a jumpsuit with tight-fitting tops or t-shirts. For summer walks this bow is indispensable.

Bundle up: jackets and coats for pregnant

To outerwear for expectant mothers are subject to more stringent requirements. It should be not only stylish, but also the most comfortable to wear.

During the cold season, not beating without special jacket for pregnant women. It will warm and protect from the cold wind. Pay special attention to the filler. Choose organic, such as duck or goose down, wool, feather.

For a warm winter suitable sintepon. Despite the fact that it applies to artificial fillers, it’s often used in sewing clothes. Polyester holds heat well, it is hygroscopic, quick-drying and does not form lumps.

Preferences many of us are difficult to change. Even being in the position many women are trying not to change his favorite style of clothing.

Modern fashionable collections for pregnant women try to meet the needs of fashionistas and offer stylish and comfortable clothing that moms will always be comfortable.

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