Mass production of Samsung smartphones with curved displays will begin this year

According to the source, the serial production of the Samsung smartphone with curved display, which the manufacturer will show at MWC 2017, will begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

The first time the volume of production units of a new form factor with flexible AMOLED displays will be small, since the manufacturer will have to debug production technology. However, in 2018, the manufacture of such devices can become widespread.

One of the key problems is connected not with a flexible display, as one would expect, but with a body material. The manufacturer decided to use the same polymer as in the substrates of the displays. However, if the release film substrates already developed industry, high-quality housing greater thickness while commercially produced not obtained.

Last year, Samsung filed patent applications, indicating that the South Korean company is developing a flexible, foldable smartphones. Note that she is not alone in this: at least, Apple, LG Electronics and Microsoft also filed in USPTO similar applications.

Source: Digitimes



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