Mars mission NASA will begin in 2018, but the launch of a spacecraft to the red planet will happen only after 2030

Unlike SpaceX, which is going to send the first humans to Mars in 2022, NASA more pragmatic evaluates its strength. At the moment Mars mission involves a manned mission to Mars after 2030.

The Agency is still very much time, but now the Network appeared some details about this project. At the moment, NASA plans to begin the mission in 2018 that is more than 10 years before the actual launch of a manned spacecraft to Mars.

The first phase, which should start next year, includes four manned flight, during which at a certain point in space between the Earth and the Moon, will deliver a research module, power supply, part of the station Deep Space Gateway which will accommodate the astronauts, and various necessary equipment. These flights are scheduled for the period between 2018 and 2026 year.

The second phase will begin in 2027. It implies sending to the Gateway station Deep Space spacecraft in which the astronauts and go to Mars. At the moment this spaceship have not even started to build. While in the program NextSTEP six companies at the request of NASA develop projects of such phones.

The astronauts themselves will arrive at the station Deep Space Gateway latest. Moreover, they will have to live on it for about a year before the ship will go to Mars.

At the moment, the project cost very roughly estimated at $ 1 trillion. But it is «calculated» only on the basis of the cost of the Apollo programme. Given the fact that neither the spacecraft nor the station Deep Space Gateway has not even been designed, to speak about any final amounts hardly makes sense.



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