Marriott International selects their hotels between voice assistants Alexa Amazon and Apple Siri

Voice assistants Apple Siri and Amazon’s Alexa clashed on the new field. According to the source, now these two artificial intelligence are fighting for the opportunity to register in hotels of a huge international company Marriott International.

Now Marriott has been testing both systems in one of the hotels located in Boston. The system should assist not only with answers to various questions, but also with the management of a hotel room. For example, through aides, you can control the curtains, turn on and off lights, change temperature, change channels of the TV and so on.

In absentia possible to assume, that needs to win an Amazon as speaker system Echo or Echo Dot does not require any manipulation for activation. Need only say the code phrase, and then the team. In the case of Siri, apparently, you will need to approach the device (most likely set the iPad), unlock it and click on the appropriate icon. Only then can we say the command. Besides, the device Amazon much cheaper smartphones and tablets Apple.

By the way, we already reported that the Wynn Las Vegas until the summer will boast nearly 5,000 rooms smart as Amazon Echo.



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