Markit analysts IHS call time when flexible AMOLED displays will surpass the hard sales

Specialists research firm IHS, Markit, noting strong growth in demand for flexible AMOLED panel, predict that pretty soon these panels will surpass sales of hard AMOLED panels that use a glass substrate. Allegedly it will happen in the third quarter of this year, when sales of flexible panels reached $ 3.2 billion, while sales of hard will amount to 3.0 billion dollars. Growth will continue in the next year: for the fourth quarter of 2018, analysts predict sales of $ 4.5 billion.

The desire of a growing number of manufacturers to use flexible AMOLED panel in its smartphones gives analysts reason to predict a growth of over 150% compared to last year. At the same time, hard AMOLED panel starting to lose appeal. This year their sales will be reduced compared to 2016 by 2% and area of application are mainly the model of the middle segment. Note that the flexible panels are more expensive, but prices gradually lower, and the production volumes grow.

Source: IHS Markit



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