Markforged Metal X — first 3D printer that can print steel parts by the method of atomic diffusion

The company Markforged announced a breakthrough in Metalworking. Experts Markforged developed technology of 3D printing (ADAM Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing) is based on the phenomenon of atomic diffusion, and created the first 3D printer in which this technology is used. The printer is called Metal X.

According to the manufacturer, the Metal X can quickly produce metal parts for industrial equipment, automobiles, medical devices, aircraft and spacecraft. One of the applications of Metal X is the manufacture of molds, which with the help of a 3D printer you can get much faster than using traditional technologies.

Allegedly Metal X allows to make products which cannot be manufactured by other 3D printers working with metals.

The formation of parts occurs in layers of metal powder with plastic binder. After printing, the binder is removed and the powder particles are fused together, restoring the integrity of the crystal lattice. This eliminates the disadvantage inherent in many other processes of 3D printing, expressed in a reduction of strength due to the layered structure of the part.

Workspace Metal X is 250 x 220 x 200 mm, Original printer will work with two grades of steel. Later, the manufacturer expects to expand the list of materials at the expense of other grades of steel, aluminum and titanium alloys.

Taking orders for Metal X has already started at a price of $99500. Supplies manufacturer expects to begin in September.

Source: Markforged


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