Market drones at the end of last year increased by 35.5% in monetary terms and 60.3% in quantitative

The analysts decided to take a look at a fairly unusual market segment — drones. They calculated that the production of such devices intended for personal and commercial use, is growing rapidly.

It is expected that this market in the current year will grow by 34% and reached $ 6 billion. In quantitative terms, this year will be sold about 3 million drones, which is 39% higher than the figure recorded in 2016. By 2020 the market will grow to 11.2 billion dollars.

Last year in the world was sold drones to 4.5 billion dollars. The commercial segment accounted for 2.8 billion, and the remaining $ 1.7 billion — revenue from sales of consumer drones.

If we consider sales in terms of quantity, the situation is radically different. Consumer drones last year, it sold 2 million, and commercial only 110 000. Mostly in the commercial segment drones were interested in companies engaged in the sphere of agriculture, transport, infrastructure, shipping and oil and gas companies.



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