Mark Zuckerberg denies rumors about his intention to run for the US presidency during the next elections

Recently, the Network appeared quite interesting rumors about the intentions of Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to run for the US presidency during the next elections. In General, these rumors, which arose originally in the end of last year, lacked a compelling reason, but the media, as always, was added to each his own.

For example, the publications seemed suspicious of the intention of the head of Facebook to visit 50 States to meet people. Also interested in their information that for the photo shoot Zuckerberg was hired by a former White house photographer. There were other insignificant by themselves, aspects of which in General, the media has created a rumor that one of the most famous people on the planet can try to take the presidency of the United States.

One of the sources decided to ask tormenting many question Mark, and received a negative response. The head of Facebook said that now focuses on the community of social networking and charitable initiative Chan Zuckerberg. However, the media immediately said that the answer were directly related to the near future. That is, it does not mean that such plans, Zuckerberg basically no. In addition, sources remember that many politicians initially denied their intentions, that did not prevent them then to nominate their candidates for certain posts.



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