Many of the messages about the fire smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 turned out to be a fraud

As you know, Samsung was faced with the message on ignition of the smartphone Galaxy Note7 and decided to exchange all sold vehicles for a new one. Only in the United States by the time it sold around one million units, and only two and a half times more. In the United States was recorded 92 cases of overheating, 26 of which users have received burns.

Simultaneously with the exchange of smartphones was tested messages from users. As it turned out, not all of them are true. More specifically, according to Samsung, in 26 cases are false reports.

In twelve episodes the vehicles and the batteries were fully functional. In seven cases the «victims» declined to contact the manufacturer, which did not allow him to investigate. In seven cases, the messages were withdrawn by users who have abandoned their original words.

Source: ZD Net



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