Manufacturers of fans for consumer electronics can benefit from working with the automotive market

As reported by the resource DigiTimes, the Taiwanese manufacturer of fans Yen Sun Technology recorded in September, revenue in the amount of 6.34 million dollars, which is 7% higher than a year ago.

It wasn’t interesting to anyone, if not for the reasons that led to this result. The fact that Yen Sun recently began to supply the fans are not only producers of computer components and other electronic devices, and automotive companies.

Yen Sun now delivers fans of the European giants and just recently started deliveries to high-end cars from China. This has provided the company the financial growth even in the period of seasonal decline, and in the future sales Yen Sun should grow even stronger.

This is another example of a kind of consolidation of the IT market and the automotive industry, and the industry of which the majority does not think. It is not excluded that in the near future and other major manufacturers of fans, who previously worked only with manufacturers of consumer electronics, will try to break into the automotive market.


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