Manufacturers of DRAM are not going to increase production, preferring to keep the deficit of production to keep prices

Analysts TrendForce claims that the supply of DRAM memory in next year will grow by 19.6%. And it will be one of the weakest growth rates in recent years.

The reason is the reticence of the industry to increase production of these products. This is true for Samsung, and SK Hynix, and Micron. Now these companies are still at the planning stage of production volumes for next year.

The source claims that the company is not going to significantly increase production, as they are more than satisfied with the maintaining of prices at a high level. Given that the demand at the end of next year will rise by 20.6%, we can talk about saving the shortage of the product in 2018.

Moreover, in 2019, is likely to expect cardinal changes is not worth it. Samsung and SK Hynix will continue to work as usual, and Toshiba has not yet disclosed plans to expand production. TrendForce says that in 2018, the growth of production of industry leaders will not exceed 5-7%.


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