Manufacturer smart vibrators will pay $3.75 million for the collection of sensitive data

About half of the ongoing legal proceedings, in which the manufacturer of a smart vibrator company We-Vibe has agreed to sign the settlement agreement and to pay 3.75 million dollars for illegally collecting sensitive data.

The company also pledged to completely delete the user data that was collected with the help of vibrators that connect wirelessly to smartphones. It’s not just about the name, surname and mobile phone number, but also details, such as body temperature, frequency of use of a vibrator, popular modes of operation and so on.

Buyers who used the corresponding application, transmits information on the servers We-Vibe, will receive 10 thousand dollars. Those who just purchased a We-Vibe, will pay $ 199.

From this situation, you can draw one conclusion: think twice before you plug in such intimate items of personal use to the Internet.


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