Manufacturer notes the «significantly lower cost» lidar Cepton HR for self-driving cars

The company Cepton Technologies chose held an annual event Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to announce the release of lidar HR series. HR80T model designed to scan at long range (200 m), and the model HR80W provides a wide viewing angle. The advantages of the new lidar manufacturer considers «significantly lower cost». Obviously, in comparison with existing analogues.

Lidar is an important element in equipping self-driving cars. It allows the onboard computer to form an idea of the environment, recognizing the details of the terrain, vehicles and other objects.

Feature lidar Cepton is the use of patented technology «micro» movements, which eliminates the design of large rotating parts. Due to this, it can significantly reduce the size of devices and increase their reliability.

According to the manufacturer, another important advantage of lidar Cepton is that they can be produced in automated production. The absence of manual steps to build and configure allows you to quickly increase the volume of production.

Source: Cepton


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