Manual SGI suspected of understating the company’s value when it is sold

As we reported, this week it was announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to buy the company Silicon Graphics International (SGI). The transaction amount was equal to $ 275 million, was determined based on value per share $ 7.75. It turned out that I agree with this assessment, not all.

Yesterday the law firm Harwood Feffer announced the beginning of the investigation, which, according to her, may reveal grounds for a lawsuit against the Board of Directors of SGI. Allegedly, at least one analyst on wall Street praised the action SGI to 8.5 per dollar.

Harwood Feffer intend to find out how conscientiously perform their duties, the Board of Directors of SGI, designed to increase the value of the company and to provide shareholders with complete information on material costs and benefits.

Source: Harwood Feffer



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