Manicure with glitter. Shining shimmering nail

In 90-e years of the last century in Vogue shiny things, makeup and manicure. A few years later, everything began to seem that the Shine is bad taste and we forgot about the glitter. But the last few seasons have demonstrated that shimmer, glitter and all sorts of modulations can be fashionable and extremely stylish in a well-chosen image.

In 2018 Shine again present in fashion images, but this time he plays the second role. A fine example of intelligent and thoughtful use of glitter have become a specific manicure.

Features of glitter nail Polish

In modern works trendy nail designers, you can see the sequins applied around the nail, half beads glued in the form of various applications and even whole pearls. It looks attractive only if the competent combining of parts and shades.

There are many varieties of so-called jets, which have their names in the circles of specialists. They differ from each other by the size and volume of the shiny particles. Glitter is a nail Polish with shiny texture, where the glitter is quite big. They can even be the size of a large rhinestone. Form the shinning part also varies: round, rectangular, straw, stars and even snowflakes. The varnish can be transparent or have a tint. Such a decorative tool – the easiest way to create a festive manicure. It is enough to apply it to the nail plate in one or two layers.

Shimmer is a glitter close to the properties of the tool, but the glitter particles here are in small size, up to the state of shimmering dust. This definition applies only to manicure, as the word «shimmer» for each situation has its own meaning. For example, the shimmer in cosmetics is skin a shimmering effect. Also, to achieve flicker, you can use rhinestones, loose dry glitter, stirky for nails and other means.

Trends 2018

The new season gives a variety of options that you can use glitter Polish. You can try all and choose your favorite option for publication.

The combination of shimmer and glitter

One of the fashionable variants of use glitter is to combine it with a shimmer. This «double whammy» will make the manicure very unusual and memorable. First, for a nail varnish is applied with a shimmer, then top it cover with a layer of glitter. For a spectacular manicure should try the method of the combination of different textures. For example, it is possible to cover part of the nail glitter and the regrown region to leave unpainted.

French glitter

In contrast to the classic French manicure in this embodiment, the regrown region is covered with glitter. Regardless of the choice of base color, this option will look elegant and original. Among the most popular choices neutral shades base. But if you want you can choose more bright varnish. He may repeat the color of the clothes or accessories. This applies to brilliant part: the glitter can be any color and shape. Less popular, but no less original was the option where glitter painted base part of the nail plate and free edge are covered with a solid color. On the same principle, you create a moon manicure (antifrench) using glitter. Sequins stands out hole at the base of the nail plate.

Glitter and Ombre

The gradient on the nail itself looks great. He is still among the top trends in nail art. Combined with the glitter effect is amplified. The easiest way is to put on top of the finished Ombre coat of clear glitter. Will be more elegant version of the previous manicure. A more complex option involves spot application of glitter. It is necessary to take art brush and typing on it as much as possible glitter, distribute them in the right places the surface of the nail. This way you can allocate the basis of the nail plate or her regrown region. Especially resistant can even go Ombre in the frame of the glitter.

Glitter on long and short nails

Short nails allow you to use any version of the manicure with the glitter. Even bright glittering nails of moderate length can not be vulgar. In the case of long nails ladies are at risk to show a lack of taste. Because the glitter in it is recommended to paint only one or two nails on the hand. The rest should be left without a shiny coating. In this case, manicure will remain within the permitted limits and keep the solemnity.

How to apply glitter to gel Polish

There are two main ways of applying glitter to gel Polish. If desired, the technique can be repeated at home. The work must begin with the preparation of tools and work area. For this you will need:

  • basic coverage;
  • fixer;
  • tool for removing varnish;
  • nail brush small diameter;
  • nail file;
  • orange stick or a spatula for moving away the cuticle;
  • manicure scissors;
  • lamp for drying nail Polish with UV rays.

You should prepare the nails and undertake hygienic manicure: to file nails, remove cuticles and dirt, Polish the surface. The next step is degreasing. This can be used as special funds, and a small amount of ecocities. The next step will be the application of base and drying in a special lamp.

After that you can apply the main layer gel Polish and also it to dry. A small amount of glitter (dry or varnish) is mixed with the gel Polish. The mixture is applied on top of previous layers and then wait for the complete drying. Followed by a pinning layer and a top coating. This method will allow you to control the amount of glitter in the nail Polish and to achieve the desired effect without much effort.

Another method is somewhat different. We must start with the same type of preparation as in the previous method. Next, apply base gel and Polish a thick layer. The paint needed to dry. With the brush should be applied in the desired locations glitter. It is better to choose it in the form of dry powder. But if not, you can use that release in the form of varnish. Only after that you can proceed to drying. When the coating has hardened, you need to apply a top layer, fixing the result and then dried. The result is a spectacular and durable manicure that will delight their owner for a long time.

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