Manicure in the style of minimalism: 100 stunning photos of ideas

The older we get, the more neutral become our views. These internal changes primarily affect the appearance. Instead, youth clothes open waist, we choose an understated blouse and MIDI skirt gives way bright make-up on a few touches of eyeliner and mascara. Does not remain without attention and a manicure. Replaced incredible designs long nails Wolverine and artistic paintings on the nails come in natural shades with a minimum of decoration.

The manicure minimalist: the basic nuances and recommendations

Neutral suggests a classic manicure shape nails, tidy, manicured nails and even a moderate short length, noble Matt finishes, pastel colors and easy unobtrusive design.

Good – not so bright and much. On the contrary, to create an attractive manicure enough 1-2 shades of lipstick and easy print.

Modern fashionable women do not need to invent anything new, because a manicure in a minimalist style has been popular a few seasons ago. If this subject has been studied nail-masters far and wide, the result was a huge number of designs in natural tones.

Style minimalism – a minimum of details, calm and monochromatic shades of nail Polish. But it does not deny the use of different elements, able to contribute in a discreet design is a drop of individuality and style.

The main tool manicure in a minimalist style – a nail brush. With it you can create simple designs and patterns. For those who has bad brush in the nail shops are a great mix of sliders and kometologov to facilitate the process of drawing on nails.

Popular colors for minimalist manicures are considered to be white, gray, black, beige and pastel shades, the translucent base.

Manicure in a minimalist style: contemporary patterns and prints

How can you call stylish manicure simple nail coloring monochrome with varnish? Even minimalism can compromise their principles and to diversify marigolds fashionistas attractive patterns and prints. It can harmoniously fit them into the overall design, then your design will look natural and fashionable.

Manicure with geometric patterns

Design with simple lines, triangles and squares can easily be created at home. All you need is a thin brush, nail stripes, plain tape, dots or other tools. The main thing is to be smart in the use of these «helpers» and you will be able to create a nice nail design for a few minutes.

Manicure in a minimalist style more suited line. They are easy to paint with a brush, placing on the nail at its own discretion.

Manicure with patters

Create design patters can be compared with the work of a jeweler. Effective patterns – a very delicate and laborious job but the result looks really amazing.

The best tool to create patters is considered to be the dots. He creates points, smooth lines and more complex floral patterns on nails, dosing the required amount of varnish.


Manicure Ombre

Gradient design is an incredibly popular technique. Nails look fancy and attractive with a smooth transition from one shade of varnish to another. This art requires no additional decor is perfect for a manicure in a minimalist style.

From the classic minimalist Ombre gradient features neutral, natural colour scheme. The transition between colors is along, across or even diagonally of the nail plate.

New season – a combination of geometric patterns and the Ombre technique. On the nails drawn grid of diamonds, each row of which is painted in similar shades. In the photo below you can see examples of this stunning design.

Manicure with flowers

Small delicate flowers have become incredibly popular in nail design. They look great it is on solid, glossy and matte coating. Floral prints are perfect for summer themed nail designs. A few strokes with a thin brush and ready the stems of flowers. Using dots easily created buds or drops of dew. If the brushwork is too complicated for you, use ready-made stickers or stamping.

Manicure with a stretched picture

It’s not just nail art, it is the whole composition, which will not remain without attention. If the classic designs main image is limited to a single finger, then it expands for all nails. Take a look at the options of this design, shown in the photo below. In them it is impossible not to fall in love.

Manicure minimalism 2018: focus only one

Prints on one nail – it is a gimmick that can decorate with a simple design. This option is incredibly popular among young girls, office workers and even popular pop stars.

The most appropriate and attractive design looks is on the ring finger. This location makes the manicure proportional, while they themselves are marigolds visually longer and neater.

Manicure in a minimalist style with lines

If you have no desire and time to dive into the complex manicure with fine floral prints and patterns, the design with the lines of your output. Simple horizontal or vertical stripes can completely change the nail art.

This design is incredibly easy to create. 2 shades of nail Polish – base (base) and contrast for the stripes. Using a thin brush make a smooth longitudinal stripe on the nail plate, if desired, by expanding it a few lines of different directions.

Natural manicure with stamping

Stamps – a real godsend for those who are not able to draw or for very busy women desiring to quickly obtain spectacular manicure. Using your manicure set one plate with drawings, you can create unique nail art using only 2 shades of lipstick.

On the wave of popularity of various decor elements – from simple crystals to acrylic sculpting, natural manicure in a minimalist style still finds its fans. The versatility and simplicity of this design attracts many girls who prefer simplicity and naturalness in every detail of his image.

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